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Ingredients (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 shakarkandi-tikkiml)

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  • 4 sweet potatoes1 tsp ginger – green stew glue1 or 2 tbsp bolt root flour, water chestnut flour or buckwheat flour

    1 tsp chaat masala

    ½ tsp amchur powder or dry mango powder

    1 tsp lemon juice

    1 tsp smashed simmered cumin or cumin powder

    ½ tsp red stew powder

    ¼ tsp garam masala powder

    shake salt or dark salt as required

    oil for fricasseeing

    Step by step instructions to make the formula:

    flush the sweet potatoes well in water.

    broil them in the stove till they are cooked and delicate.

    on the other hand else weight cook with enough water and salt till they turn out to be delicate.

    you can likewise bubble them in a container with water and salt.

    deplete the water.

    when they chill off, peel.

    with a potato masher squash the sweet potatoes well.

    include every one of the fixings with the exception of oil.

    blend well.

    shape into medium measured tikkis or patties.

    sear with little oil till both the sides are cooked.

    while serving trim with some coriander clears out.

    serve sweet potato tikki with a chutney or sauce.


    On the off chance that the blend feels somewhat free, then include some more arrowroot flour or buckwheat flour.

    at the point when making for quick, please include sendha namak/shake salt.

    in the event that you can’t get dry mango powder, then simply include lemon juice.

    the zest powders and lemon juice can be changed in accordance with your taste inclinations.


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