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Gwalior. The couple have settled in Ahmedabad regarding the work of three young fellows got to be physical relationship.

At the point when the spouse came to experience this mystery is uncovered just in Gwalior. In any case, he was eager to live with the spouse, yet three young people rehashed telephone calls. They didn’t see him, and he turned dupatta throttled kill. This is the situation …

On October 3, Vinay Nagar, murder of a young lady her own particular spouse Satyendra Sonam did. Murder was conceded in doctor’s facility after Satyendra went Morena.

– us Time it was uncovered that Satyendra share undertaking had choked his significant other.

Presently I have hold of the police Satyendra Morena unlawful relations the case has uncovered.

– Satyendra had unlawful relations with the spouse and 3 young men, which made her murder.

– satyendra Told police that his family abided in Ahmedabad regarding the operation. Sonam his significant other lived in the lady.

While guardians got to be illicit in connection

to – maike while Sonam turned into an issue of three young men. Satyendra clarified ordinarily, as indicated by his significant other, yet she can’t.

– Finally, He chose to come and Vinay Nagar, Gwalior, September 30 took a leased house.

– 2 On the night of September spouse Sonam guardians originated from. Sonam was then guaranteed that he would avoid the young men.

As soon rested around evening time, those young men were going to the telephone Sonam. Satyendra Sonam intruded on once more, yet she couldn’t have cared less. The young men before him to converse with his better half couldn’t bear it.

Satyendra has throttled the murder

– isi issue was battled amongst night and in the interim Satyendra neck scarf taken care of on him.Satyendra discharged after the throat, were slaughtered when Sonam.

– iske Went Morena Awrh he was hospitalized with a story of abducting. Police captured and brought him.


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