You Pay 70k To Buy An IPhone 7 But You’ll Be Shocked To Know Its Actual Manufacturing Cost!

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Apple Company has at the end of the day bothered the entire portable industry showcase by propelling its two fresh out of the box new iPhones – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. In India, iPhones are not simply typically famous for its particular but rather at its cost tag as well. Paying a strong 80 cracking Thousand Rupees for a telephone which is justified regardless of a normal subject’s two month pay is in reality not a Joke ! !


The most shocking element for which iPhones have dependably been scrutinized is its PRICE TAG. Are they sufficiently commendable for 70-80 Thousand Rupees ?

Indeed, we can’t pass up a great opportunity the way that the most up to date iPhone is stacked with A10 Fusion Chip Processor which is 40% speedier than its ancestor, double adjustable focal point for twofold zoom, advances for water and tidy safe ( IP-67 Rating) and the new stereo speakers which are entirely uproarious. In spite of the fact that there is no earphone and physical home catch, yet that won’t chop down at the sticker price of the current year’s new iPhone ( Desi Mindset).


All things considered, we can identify with the inclination which you may experience. Having no earphone jack and physical home catch ought to have taken the offering cost of iPhone down, however that is not how the things function. Let us simply separate the iPhone’s 7 segment in basic parts and ascertain its cost.

Screen – Rs 4000

Battery- Rs 300

Cameras- Rs 1500

Logic board – Rs 5000

Speakers- Rs 800

Casing -Rs 1300

Other parts- Rs 8000

Total – Rs 20,900


Now the other parts include materials like tiny little sensors, baseband and so on. So the actual cost for making an iPhone 7 is roughly around Rs 20,900. The expected cost of 32 GB iPhone 7 variant is Rs 62,000 having a screen size of 4.7 inch, 2GB Ram as compared to iPhone 7 Plus having screen size of 5.5 inch and 3 GB Ram along with two camera lens. iPhones 7 Plus 32 GB Variant is expected to be around Rs 72,000.

Is it really justified to pay such a big amount of money for an entity which is 3 times more expensive than its actual price ? THINK ABOUT IT.


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