This 18-Year-Old Started a Zomato for Schools to Help Students & Their Parents Find Good Schools

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Akshay Agrawal, a 18-year-old understudy, used to concentrate on in a school in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The school had classes just till Class 10. So after his board exams, he needed to begin the method of looking for affirmation in an alternate school. “It was somewhat of a bother when I needed to change schools on the grounds that there was no data accessible on the nature of various schools on the web. What’s more, on asking individuals, they would all say diverse things in regards to various schools. There wasn’t any opportunity for me or my folks to settle on an educated choice. The main alternatives were had were to ask neighbors or read a section or two online regarding why a specific school is great or terrible,” he says.(zomato)

Through his own experience, Akshay understood that at any given point in time there are numerous understudies changing schools or taking affirmation in a school interestingly, yet they don’t generally have a solid wellspring of data to take assistance from.


This was the point at which he went over a thought – that was beginning a Zomato for schools. “I fundamentally needed to make one normal stage with surveys for all schools; all at one place. So individuals won’t need to go to better places for audits, feelings, and so forth.,” he says. In mid 2015, Akshay propelled ClassFever – a site to rank schools.

What began as an essential rating and collection site, gradually transformed into an open source, survey driven, enormous information school positioning stage. “Rather than clients submitting their subjective perspectives, we chose to adopt a more investigative strategy and fuse more insights,” says Akshay. With a center group of four individuals, he led a study and thought of a rundown of variables in view of which they could rank schools.

ClassFever rates schools in view of 32 variables partitioned into six gatherings – scholastics, financial aspects, co-curricular exercises, esteem for cash, extravagance, and parent and understudy proposals.


It is an open source stage on which clients can rate schools as per the distinctive parameters and ClassFever then uses a calculation to complete various counts and concoct a last score. Today, the site has around 3,500 schools enrolled with it. While the group began from Maharashtra, they are currently moving to Madhya Pradesh and Haryana and plan to extend nation wide later on.

Akshay has a group of 25 individuals in five urban areas now, and he has bootstrapped the whole venture with an assistance of an advance from his dad.


We empower schools to know where they stand and empower understudies and guardians to find schools effortlessly. The exceptional thing about ClassFever is that we attempt to overhaul the positions each week and every one of the information is open hotspot for the general public’s viewing pleasure. The information additionally helps schools perceive how they can enhance and the zones that need work. We likewise distribute the information we use to get the rankings,” says Akshay.

In the wake of completing his school years from Bombay and Delhi, the youngster has now moved to California to finish graduation from a plan school. While his group is dealing with ground operations back home, Akshay arrangements to proceed with ClassFever later on also and get all schools in the nation on board.


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