Bigg Boss 10 | Bani and Swami jailed, Rohan-Priyanka fight: All that happened in 2 hour special episode!

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The extravagance spending errand ‘Raaz’seems to have uncovered significantly more than simply the privileged insights ofIndiawale. It has uncovered the genuine self of numerous hopefuls inside the house, one of them being Priyanka Jagga. Battles and debate have turned into her sole weapon to remain solid in the amusement. As Bigg Boss presents the following question for the Sevak’s expressing that the mother of one of the everyday citizens works at a beedi processing plant for her living, Sevaks make few wrong speculations and trait the mystery toPriyanka Jagga. Disapproving of this, Priyanka loses her temper and solidly answers that her mom is a legal advisor and does not work at a beedifactory. Her mischievous symbol comes into the photo and intentionally or unconsciously she winds up harming numerous individuals around.

Later in the night, battles and dramatization proceed as Priyanka at the end of the day provokes Rohan. After Rohan accidently spills water on Priyanka, she gets incensed and begins manhandling him. She right away chooses to rebuff him and secures him in the correctional facility. Rohan feels exploited and in the wake of being discharged from the correctional facility quieted himself down in the washroom and sobs hysterically. Next morning, the competitors wake up to the tune ‘Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba’ energized for another day and some new difficulties. In the garden territory, while Gaurav brings a yoga session with Karan and Nitibha, the brains Priyanka, Manveer, Manoj and Navin keep on discussing the earlier night’s disaster.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss requests that the housemates accumulate in the garden zone confronting the correctional facility. In the wake of making interest in the brains of the challengers, Bigg Boss uncovers that two housemates will wind up in the prison after the zenith of the extravagance errand. With just a couple risks left for the Sevaks to secure their place as Maliks inside the house, they spend the vast majority of the day talking about and unraveling the enigmas. Conveying hopefuls’ most exceedingly terrible bad dream to reality, Bigg Boss further asks the Sevaks and Maliks to designate the weaklings from their individual groups.

At night, Priyanka spruces up for the Karwachauth puja and requests that Swamiji do the ceremonies. Major trouble rises to the surface after Mona and Lopa ridicule Priyanka’s fake Karwachauth puja after which she lashes out at them. She calls them names and makes some hard-hitting comments at Mona and even makes her cry. Besides, Bigg Boss calls Karan and Priyanka in the admission room and hands over an envelope with their family pictures and a crate of desserts to break their Karwachauth quick. Subsequent to seeing the photos, Priyanka and Karan get enthusiastic and express gratitude toward Bigg Boss for the nice thought.

With the assignment “Raaz” achieving its last leg, will the Sevaks rise successful and turn the tides inside the house? Will’s identity the two disastrous hopefuls be to be bolted inside the Bigg Boss prison? We have the reply. It’s VJ Bani and Om Swamy will’s identity the main correctional facility detainees inside the house this year. For everything else, watch the scene…

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