Watch: The JEALOUS Reaction Of New Zealand Cricketers On Seeing Dhoni’s Super Car. Epic!

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The reaction is unbelievable. Hilarious!

New Zealand

#3 Dhoni’s knock

India won the third ODI against New Zealand in the progressing One Day Series. Aside from Virat’s Stupendous Hundred, Dhoni’s 80 was a highlight too.

Since Dhoni is back in shape, the fourth ODI between both the groups will be loaded with fervor as it’ll be played at Dhoni’s home ground Ranchi.

#3 Dhoni's knock


#2 The Hummer

So both the groups ventured out to Ranchi for the following amusement. Where everybody chose to take the group transport to achieve the inn, Captain cool chose to drive his super Hummer back home.

At the point when the Kiwis saw Dhoni’s extravagant auto, it certainly took off the temperature high. Their response? Epic!

Checkout their reaction ahead.


 #2 The Hummer

#1 The Reaction

Take a gander at the response all over. Among other people, it was Ross Taylor and Tom Latham who indicated incredible enthusiasm for his auto. They most likely need a ride in this auto to their inn.

On expert front, New Zealand will attempt their level best to beat India in the fourth ODI to level the arrangement.

#1 The Reaction

Group India chief Mahendra Singh Dhoni set the temperature taking off when he arrived in the place where he grew up on Monday, in front of the fourth one-day global amongst India and New Zealand in Ranchi.

The Indian captain drove his ultra-extravagance Hummer as opposed to loading up the group transport, leaving a couple Kiwi players, particularly Tom Latham and Ross Taylor, gaping at his Rs 75 lakh auto at the Birsa Munda International Airport in Ranchi.

While Dhoni drove his extravagance auto without breaking a sweat, the Kiwi players were caught on camera looking surprised when they saw him drive past the group transport.