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It’s been three weeks since India’s most disputable reality appear, Bigg Boss 10, started however the fever about the show is simply developing step by step, on account of Swami Om. One of the Indiawale hopefuls, Swami Om has been effectively keeping the group of onlookers’ eyes on him in every last scene. On the Weekend Ka Vaar, he engaged his kindred contenders and Salman Khan with his moving and singing capacities that he has learnt from the housemates and now in the designation uncommon scene, he attracted the spotlight to himself by getting into the pool with Mona Lisa.

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After the flame broiling session of designations, Mona Lisa chose to invest some recreation energy in the pool. She wore a red two-piece, turning things ridiculously hot in the house. While the other Indiawale just viewed on, Swami Om — without the slightest hesitation — bounced into the pool and began moving. All things considered, this made each question about what was going ahead in Swami’s psyche. This contender knows precisely what to do to keep himself in the news. Aside from moving, he has been inducing the housemates by passing on remarks, particularly on Lopamudra. He has even given an announcement that if at any time something transpires on the show then the housemates ought to be considered in charge of it as they are wanting to kill him.


Indeed, even outside the Bigg Boss, om swami ji is scandalous for a considerable amount of things. Inside the main week, a video of Swami Om slapping a lady on a TV channel turned into a web sensation and afterward there were reports that he has been reserved for burglary and even genuine violations like coercion. Reports likewise said he has a non-bailable warrant against him.

By- Rajat kukkar


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