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The epic Ramayana narrated in a different way, this time from the point of Ravana.


With regards to energized Indian motion pictures, the scene is hopeless with very few movies being up to universal guidelines. Nonetheless, Mahayoddha Rama resembles a begin in that bearing. The main miserable piece is, the film is eight years past the point of no return (it was made in 2008).

Dmahayoddha-rama-abhijeetescribed from the point of view of the rival Ravana, it indicates how the evil presence lord tries to thrashing Rama and entertainingly comes up short unfailingly. The USP is the ten heads of Ravana, each voiced by various performing artists, including Gaurav Gera, Roshan Abbas, Ameen Sayani, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Kiku Shardha and Gulshan Grover, who has loaned his voice to the primary head. This point is abused successfully for lighthearted element, however the cleverness is very adolescent. Kunal Kapoor is right on target as Rama as is Jimmy Sheirgill as Laxman. In any case, Ravana is the most fascinating character here.

With a liberal measurements of popular culture references, the film scores on discoursed. Still, at 106 minutes, there’s insufficient time to tie every single remaining detail. The liveliness, which is smooth, is fascinating just in parts, including the opening scene that shows Ravana ruminating, and the last fight.

The film is only for children, since it doesn’t offer much in the method for describing Ramayana contrastingly to adults. Thinking of it as was made eight years prior, the liveliness is great. In any case, in 2016, it abandons you needing for additional.



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