Pertol price down by 1.46 and Diesel by 1.53 per liter

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Petrol prices cut by 1.46 per liter and diesel by 1.53 per liter.


Oil companies decreased the price of petrol and diesel by 1.46 rs and 1.53 per liter respectively. This new price will be in effect from tonight 12 pm . The change in price is after 10 days after a minor increase in initial November . In initial November the price of petrol was raised by .89 rs and price of diesel by .86 rs , this was the third time increase in prices of petrol and diesel.

The price down  was annoumced by Indian Oil Corp (IOC) is excluding local sales tax or VAT and will be effective from midnight that is 12 Pm .

This is the 6th increment in petrol cost since September 1, the keep going climb being on October 16 by Rs 1.73 a liter. The five past climbs had totaled to Rs 6.36 a liter and in the wake of including today’s expansion, the cost of petrol has gone up by Rs 7.53 for every liter in a little more than two months.

“The present level of universal item costs of petrol and diesel and rupee-US dollar conversion scale warrant increment in offering cost of petrol and diesel, the effect of which is being passed on to the shoppers with this value amendment,” IOC said in an announcement.

IOC said the development of costs in the universal oil market and INR-USD conversion scale might keep on being observed nearly and creating patterns of the market will be reflected in future value changes.

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