New 2000 RUPEE NOTE Alcohol Test and water test

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New 2000 RUPEE NOTE Alcohol Test and water test

Most Trending news of the time is of new currency of 2000 notes and 500 notes . Modi government changed the currency of the country with effect from 8 nov 12 pm . All are facing some problems but all are in the favour of modi government.

But the thing is new currency is reliable or not is it better than old notes of 1000 and 500 which are banned on 8 nov .

Lets watch the test of water and alcohol on the 2000 rupee note.

He incorporated that an uncommon group has been setup to accelerate the entire method of recalibrating ATMs. The group will be driven by the RBI Deputy Governor and it will have specialists of cash related organizations, banks, and Ministry of Home Affairs as its people. “This group has been advised to work out an approach to help whole technique of recalibration of the ATMs,” Das included.

What are your views on the new Modi government decision on changing the currency . Mostly everyone has seen the new currency so what are your suggestion on the launch of new currency and do you like the new currency or not do comment below and tell us your suggestion .

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